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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Photo or painting of Praying Rocks?

On 9/17 I posted a picture of "praying rocks." I had received this graphic from a friend and found it beautiful and soothing. I wondered, however, to whom the picture should be attributed.

At any rate, today, while fussing about on the urban legends site, I learned this particular photo, or image, has been referred to the UL numerous times. UL did some research and learned that the image is not a photo, but a painting - so this image of rocks at pray is not naturally occurring in nature, but the result of human inspiration. That doesn't particularly matter to me - I don't really care how the image came into being - I still find it beautiful.

But UL is trying to track down the source of the image. So if anyone out there knows .... let UL (and me) know.


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