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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Questions for John McCain and Sarah Palin

1. How would you characterize your role in the 1989 Keating 5 corruption and racketeering scandal in which you and four other congressmen were accused of improperly aiding Charles Keating, an Arizona banker whose risky and unethical investment practices lead to the 1989 Savings and Loan Crisis?

2. Can you tell us what you did with the over $100,000 you received from Keating as campaign contributions? Is it possible that you returned the funds or donated them to charity?

3. What did you learn from the Keating 5 scandal and the 1989 Savings and Loan crisis that supports your stance now that deregulation of the banking industry has aided the US economy?

4. Your running mate has claimed repeatedly that she turned down the money for the “bridge to nowhere.” However, she did accept the funding for that bridge, and instead of building the bridge, constructed a road which leads to where the bridge should have been. Can you explain how accepting the funding for the bridge and yet not building the bridge, is a) ethical, b) benefits the people of Alaska, and c) benefits the US taxpayers who provided the funding?

5. What is your definition of “earmarks?”

6. Please explain why the following are NOT earmarks:

Your 2006 request for $10 million for a University of Arizona academic center named after Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist (an earmark about which the National Taxpayers Union, usually an ally to you, wondered why federal taxpayer’s money should be used to create this center).

The $14.3 million you added to a 2003 defense appropriations bill to
create a buffer zone around Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.

The approximately $400 million Palin initially requested for the now infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” – funding which she did indeed accept.

7. In January of 2008, you vowed to combat global warning, yet you chose a running mate who doesn’t believe global warming is a reality. Can you explain the discrepancy between your thinking and your running mate’s?

8. If you win the office of the Presidency and you die in office, do you believe Palin would change her opinion on global warming?

9. You recently stated that because Palin’s son is soon to be deployed to Iraq, she clearly understands our national security and defense issues. Can you explain how having a family member serve in Iraq provides an individual with the national security and defense expertise required of a chief executive of the United States?

10. If I have a family relative serving in Iraq, would you consider me as an alternative choice for a running mate – in so far as national security and defense is concerned?

11. You recently stated that the deregulation of the banking system which occurred in the early 2000s (and which you supported), has made our economy strong. Can you explain how record unemployment rates, escalating consumer goods costs, the sub prime mortgage fiasco, and failing financial institutions equate to a strong economy?

12. You promote “family values." Can you explain which family value caused you to file for divorce from your first wife less than one year after you met your current wife who is 18 years your junior?

13. Can you tell us how you would treat your current wife, Cindy, if she were to experience an accident which disfigured her and what family value would guide your conduct in such a situation?

14. Recently, you have refused to answer questions posed by the press, accused the press of asking questions you feel are irrelevant and inappropriate, and your campaign has also banned the press from some of Palin’s appearances (allowing only photographers and video crews, but no print reporters whose role it is to ask questions). Can you explain which questions the press has posed that are inappropriate and why they are so?

15. What is the role of a free press in a democracy?

16. You have previously stated that the healthcare system would benefit from a similar type of de-regulation that the banking industry has experienced in the past 8 years. You have also promoted a healthcare plan that will consider healthcare benefits provided by employers as taxable income to the employee. Can you explain how deregulation of the healthcare system will benefit the American people and how taxing healthcare benefits as income will help middle and lower class Americans afford healthcare?

17. Additionally, will your healthcare plan also tax as income the health benefits the taxpayers of this country provide to senators and congresspersons?

18. What is the difference between the Shia and the Sunni and how does that difference relate to situation in the Middle East?

Below are questions (compliments of The Nation) that should be asked of Sarah Palin (the compassionate, feminist maverick) during the VP debate, but probably won't because to do so would be sexist according to current Republican wisdom. And as political satirist Cobert reminds us: the Repubs should know what's truly sexist since they've been feminists for almost two weeks now,far longer than Palin.

1. Suppose your 14-year-old daughter Willow is brutally raped in her bedroom by an intruder. She becomes pregnant and wants an abortion. Could you tell the parents of America why you think your child and their children should be forced by law to have their rapists' babies?

2. You say you don't believe global warming is man-made. Could you tell us what scientists you've spoken with or read who have led you to that conclusion? What do you think the 2,500 scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are getting wrong?

3. If you didn't try to fire Wasilla librarian Mary Ellen Baker over her refusal to consider censoring books, why did you try to fire her?

4. What is the European Union, and how does it function?

5. Forty-seven million Americans lack health insurance. John Goodman, who has advised McCain on healthcare, has proposed redefining them as covered because, he says, anyone can get care at an ER. Do you agree with him?

6. What is the function of the Federal Reserve?

7. Cindy and John McCain say you have experience in foreign affairs because Alaska is next to Russia. When did you last speak with Prime Minister Putin, and what did you talk about?

8. Approximately how old is the earth? Five thousand years? 10,000? 5 billion?

9. You are a big fan of President Bush, so why didn't you mention him even once in your convention speech?

10. McCain says cutting earmarks and waste will make up for revenues lost by making the tax cuts permanent. Experts say that won't wash. Balancing the Bush tax cuts plus new ones proposed by McCain would most likely mean cutting Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security. Which would you cut?

11. You're suing the federal government to have polar bears removed from the endangered species list, even as Alaska's northern coastal ice is melting and falling into the sea. Can you explain the science behind your decision?

12. You've suggested that God approves of the Iraq War and the Alaska pipeline. How do you know?


Blogger K9 said...

boyed, i have no problems with these questions. i have a list for obama too - but frankly, i can barely discern a difference between the two they are talking out of all sides of their face and asses. once these guys get to washington they cut sweet deals for themselves and their buddies - they profit along with these theives who run companies in the ground and bill us for it.

i shit you not, if the republicans fail to stop this bailout - i will vote a straight democratic ticket this year.

re: your comment at K9 - i agree 100% i would rather be given a massive bill to help my fellow americans stay in their homes - not bailout those who played in the free market and LOST. suck it up dont ask us to save you. live and die by the sword. and return those big bonuses too.

girl, i am off the chain with rage. my friends think i am insane. i might be. but this bail out situation is the most unamerican action i have ever seen.


September 23, 2008 12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have some questions for Obama as well. Perhaps that's my next post.

I prefer Obama to McCain. I just don't think this country can tolerate another 4 years of screwed up Republican policies. If a Repub came along that was truly Republican (i.e., really did believe in government staying out of my personal business and really did practice fiscal conservatism), I might vote Republican. But what are the odds of such a Republican coming along?

Obama worries me on some levels, but as McCain worries me more, I am willing to roll the dice on Obama.

i do not think you are insane. i am off the chain (or out of the birdcage) myself. i can't believe how moronic our elected officials are. the sad part - as a whole, we Americans don't pay attention, don't practice critical thinking, and find it far easier to believe the sound bites and generalities politicians feed us instead of researching and analyzing and demanding our leaders speak to us in real terms, with some thought and evidence. argh and argh! and argh again!

SQUAWK!!!!!!! SCREECH! And as much streaming green bird shit as I can muster on the heads of all pols!!!!!

September 23, 2008 1:01 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

if you have not already done so call your reps and tell them no to the bail out. go to salon


listen to the interview with Notre Dame finance proff richard sheehan has to say about the fear mongering that paulson plan relies upon. the bail out is worse for americans than the natural down turn as a result of letting those companies fail. this is a sham and a travesty. forget iraq this is aN impeachable offense. W should burn in HELL

we say we are a free market economy...until our little bed buddies suffer? if we are going to become a socialist country for Christs sake let it be for the people not a massive welfare for the richest of the rich.

theres a backlash though boyed. the longer there are questions...the less likely it will pass. thats thy paulson is so hep to get done now. and the backlash is from both dems and repubs which shows how wrong wrong it is.

now is not a good time to be complacent.

September 23, 2008 1:45 PM  
Blogger Pete Bogs said...

"liberal smear campaign" "old news" "the angry, mean left"

those are the answers to your questions in the minds (well, in a manner of speaking) of Republicants...

McCain now hates the NYT for making it known that a highly paid lobbyist (for Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac) is his campaign manager... conflict of interest? corruption? outrageous!

September 23, 2008 3:13 PM  
Blogger Jack K. said...

Welcome back.

What a way to come back.

Great questions.

I wonder how they would be answered.

When will the trials start for all those financial wizards who got us into this mess?

September 23, 2008 6:55 PM  
Blogger Reverend X said...

I like the questions. Course, I would prefer to just ask most of our elected officials 2 questions...

1- Neck size?
2- What would you like for your last meal, the chicken or the fish?

K9 told me to swing by. Damn glad I did. How ya been.


September 24, 2008 12:54 AM  
Blogger Bird said...

Jack: Not just the fi wizes - the pols too - they've been asleep at the wheel - well no, that's not accurate - they've actively encouraged this mess while shotgunning it in GW's ride.

Bogs: Yup, the Republicants seem to want to demolish the role of the press in a democracy. Granted, won't take much - our press fell down on their job too for many years now - they've been in GW's back seat and went along for the ride.

Rev! Nice to see ya! How ya been? Glad the dog sent you this way.

P.S. Jack - I don't know if I'm "back." May check out again, but it sure is nice to see that folks drop by checking up on me!

September 24, 2008 6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, birdie...

you rockin' now!

we have a federal election looming and our own backstabbing liars, thieves, and hypocrites (aka 'career politicians') selling us out and robbing us blind up here in canada

/t.'s formula for happiness:

happiness = 1 politician + 1 bullet
in the case of leaders with politically minded spouses and/or offspring: 1 politician + 1 hand grenade ;)

you go, bird!


September 24, 2008 2:50 PM  
Blogger Bird said...


i am fit to be tied by all the shenanigans going on in the good ol' U.S. of A.

sorry darlin' t/. - your system and your politicians can't POSSIBLY be worse than ours!!!

i've checked the Canadian requirements for immigration and fear I don't qualify. Though I am well-educated, I'm getting on in years and I probably don't make enough money to transfer over to Canada. Shit! How's the illegal immigrant situation up there?

Can I mow your lawn (in the summer months)?

September 24, 2008 6:48 PM  
Blogger K9 said...

the media was in W's back seat for the ride? i have never seen a media so blatantly in the tank for a candidate than they are for obama.

to bogshond: chris dodd. barney frank. schumer. the architects of the sub prime scam. jaime gorelick. penny pritzker. franklin raines. some key dems who benefited. big time. get real.

whatever you say, its all irrelevant now (to me at least) its the same destination one party might get ya to hell faster.

allof them. backstabbers.

September 24, 2008 7:51 PM  
Blogger Bird said...


for almost 8 years the press has failed to do its job - question GW in any meaningful way. the press has gave Georgie Porgie a free ride.

The press is not for Obama. Nor is it for McCain. the press is finally reawakening to its repsonsiblites. yeah, MSNBC is for Obama and Fox is for McCain, but by and large - the press is starting to ask questions and get pissed off when pols are responding.

but i agree - as a whole - all pols are backstabbers.

this mess can be laid at repubs and dems doorsteps, though of course, being BIASED, i blame the repubs more.

and this recent crap from the mc cain campaing - cancel the debate friday night? WTF? is that shit.

can'tblame the subprime crap just on the dem, doggy. the repubs have controled congress for how long???? 15 odd years?

i despair. it all doesn't seem to matter. we are screwed!

still, i'd reather give obmama a crack at it than mc cain. he's nuts. (yeah, i know - an ad hominen attack and i provide no evidence - my big schtick. but hell i am so FED UP!

GW and the Repubs have driven this country into the ground and the damn Dems have gone along with it. FUCK em all. (except, of course, tha would fuck us all too.)

damn. can't live with 'em, can't live without em. god-dammned pols.

Yeah, I'm so pissed, I'm not articulate. What a rant!!!!

September 24, 2008 8:25 PM  
Blogger Bird said...

PS> press getting "pissed off when pols are responding" should be

when pols are NOT responding.

see - i'm seeing red - can't even type.


September 24, 2008 8:27 PM  
Blogger Hellpig said...

LMAO...wow nice fantasy read Bird

I see the usual commies still posting their whackjob drivel

WoW even got the crazy troofer X to post wow nice reunion

Sup Dawg......

So Bird are you guys still harboring murderous illegal aliens in that POS santuary city of yours?

September 25, 2008 2:26 AM  
Blogger K9 said...


you have been missed! i thought you sailed off the edge of the earth.

boyedie i have no problem with ad hom attacks. heres one:

paulson is a part of the alien colonization scheme. isnt it OBVIOUS?

September 25, 2008 6:12 AM  
Blogger Hellpig said...

No Dawg i thot (sry for abrevs)i'd climb from the depths to see what is goin on topside

looks like the failed multicultural liberalism is biting America hard these days..Dems put a Marxist/Communist on the ticket while Repubs put a liberal on the ticket...

about time to retire and liquidate my assests and move..altho i will stick around to join in to beat back the civil unrest Nov 5th who knows maybe i can get a few free commie kills in while they are rioting...lets hope...no wait that's the race baiters line ...lets pray....

September 25, 2008 2:11 PM  
Blogger Hellpig said...

Bird as for your post McCain and Palin should only have to answer the same questions B.Hussein.O. has had to answer over the past 20 months ..u know like whats your fav color,if you where a tree what tree would you be..you know softball in the tank biased questions like these...

why did Hussein request the DOJ to shut down the annenberg reporting and why do we need a civilian (brown shirts)army with the same 520 billion a year funding as the US military

Heil Hussein!!!!

September 25, 2008 2:24 PM  
Blogger Bird said...

My God!

I abandon politics for months and watch my "readership" decline. I then abandon my blog for weeks on end, to note that some readers do drop by and occassionally ask to where I've flown the coop.

I finally do a political post - and look who comes out of the woodwork, or the slop pen?

My beloved Hellpig. I don't know whether to be delighted or horrified piggy-wiggy!

Shall I bust out the leathers and the riding crop?

But piggy-dear. mccain is a LIBERAL? are you nuts darlin'? he's no liberal. (and obama's no commie.)

now tell me darlin' pig, why don't you call mccain and palin by their middle names?

you must be awfuly afraid of obama's middle name.some sort of irrational fear keeping you up nights?

don't worry. the markets will explode, china and japan and buffet will take over the country and all will be well. not a thing to worry about. it won't even matter who the president it. not sure it even matters now.



September 25, 2008 4:01 PM  
Blogger The Troll said...

Did you cut-and-paste that from the Daily Kos or democrats.com?

Funny you don't mention that FOUR of the Keating FIVE were members of the traitor-democrat-party-of-filth and three of those didn't LIVE IN ARIZONA.

Didn't bother to read the rest of your cut-and-paste.

September 25, 2008 7:17 PM  
Blogger Bird said...

don't read the daily kos, troll. too biased for me (there's a kicker, eh?)

haven't checked out the democrats.com either.

no cut and paste on the Qs for McCain, though as noted - the Palin questions come from The Nation.

Any of those four dems from the keating five running for president? didn't think so.

and i'll thank you kindly to leave your "traitor-democrat-party-of-filth" comments at the door. i woulnd't come to your house and call ya names, so don't come to mine and call me names.

otherwise - welcome! comment away!

September 25, 2008 7:34 PM  
Blogger Hellpig said...

Actually bird i use his middle name to insight rage in the left..i enjoy watching the squirm

and yes you should feel very honored i havent posted on a blog in 2 years but i thot id emerge to see what the crazies are up to

and yes McCain is a liberal,althou u being a hardcore SF lib you lost track of what true liberalism is..

still point in fact the Keating 5 really that all u got??? FYI McCain was the only one found innocent in that investigation

question name 1 associate or friend of Hussein who isn't a terrorist,communist,marxist,racist,anti-american anti-semetic....i'll give you a few days don't want your head to explode all at once

September 25, 2008 10:13 PM  
Blogger CJ said...

Holee Mackell, Kingfish...

blood pressures ahoy!!

CJ be relaxin.

Got to.

Drz. orderz.

September 25, 2008 10:14 PM  
Blogger Reverend X said...

I am so happy to see ya. Seriously can not wait to put your head atop my battle standard!!! Looks like it's getting close to that time, eh? I'm back in Portland, you wanna get a drink before the end?

PS, readin troll's crap really made me miss you. But I straightened my sights, I won't miss the next time.


September 26, 2008 4:18 AM  
Blogger Bird said...

ah, i love the sight of combat in the morning ...

my piggy-wiggy - you're such a dear to honor me.
but no worries about my head exploding - it already has. this whole election, the economy, the war - it's all a debacle.

actually, i am not a true SF liberal - i often disagree with the mayor, and frequently with the sups.

cj: hang on to your ticker - we wouldn't want you to implode.

rev: top o' the monrnin' to ya.

now who's missing from this fray? haven't seen AB - i think she's given up on me (though i know she much prefers my poetry postings over my political rants.)

enjoy the day - don't rush too fast to the banks to withdraw your pennies! hahahahahaha!

September 26, 2008 7:21 AM  
Blogger K9 said...

its working. the republicans are holding the line on Paulsons shakedown scheme.

keep calling. say no to the blank check and YES to free market solutions.

at the UN they said capitalism was dead.
In china they are calling for a one world currency.

LOOK at at the shite the demoncrats tried to tack on to the taxpayers bill.

call your reps tell them NO we'll take our chances.

202 224 3121

September 26, 2008 7:31 AM  
Blogger K9 said...

must be quite surreal to see your liberal reps stand with W while republicans hold the line against him and paulson!!!. grrrrherhahahaha

nice job nancy pelosi trying to add a couple mil for ACORN to the tab.

how did you like that bit yesterday where bill clinton told matt lauer how the dems blocked the bill that wouldve reigned in fannie and fred?


seriously, the bail out is bad for all of us regardless of your stripe.

95% of the american people have said no. keep calling dont let them sneak some bullshite in over the weekend.

September 26, 2008 7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just bought
a shitload of us dollars
in anticipation of your pols
doing the right thing on or before
monday -- god i love capitalism & chaos!


September 26, 2008 10:36 AM  
Blogger aunty belle said...

Hey Bird BEauty--thanky fer yore visit--youse been too rare...reckoned youse in some flight of fantasy over Asia or somethin'.

Naw naw, darlin' the media is really the enemy--ain't foolin', ya knows I knows them from the inside out. They's more fer Obama fer shure, but they he is a prop fer them THey have they own agenda an' it ain't pro-American people.

We ain't got not good choices this time, but BHO is a Stepford wife to Soros.

Whatever our differences, ain't it jes' hilarious that we's all polar opposites and still we is buddies? See, that means at heart most of us wanna be AMERICANS first, and party affiliates last. Let's hold that thought.


Boy, howdy, YOU IS IN DEEP DOO DOO wif yore Aunty...dang ya' I done worriet over ya fer months--now youse alive annd kickin' but not been by the Porch? Whas' that about????

September 26, 2008 5:01 PM  
Blogger aunty belle said...

(Bird Beauty, I likes yore poetry, and I even chuckles over yore political rants--luv that stuff...but ya knows...I'se got tender ears, wif an' uptight prudish linen and pearl thang goin', jes' nearly standin' on the doorstep of the convent--heh!that would inconvenience Uncle I reckon-- so ah, when ya go swooshin' through cumulus clouds of erotica, I jes' slip off quietly. )

September 26, 2008 5:15 PM  
Blogger aunty belle said...

Uh... /t has the right idea! I heered some Swiss was doin' same. (Yeah, since the Euro will have to devalue soon)

September 26, 2008 5:18 PM  
Blogger Hellpig said...

Whackjob X i sell the battle standards,hows the troofer thing working for u ? 4 years ago u said bush was gunna be president forever??? wtf not so much ehhh?? u crazy fucking moonbat

bailout...fuck the bailout US dont need it market will reocver without it.

bird....ehhhh no time to argue :P

B hiyaz :)

October 01, 2008 10:17 PM  
Blogger Bird said...


Yes, too damned busy! But also so mad my teeth are clenched and I can barely get a decent word out. Fucking idiots in Washington D.C. How bizarre is this? I don't agree with the bailout - at least not the way it's configured. Wonder if the best thing to do is let it ride for a bit longer.

I am doomed, economically, spiritually, mentally, as well as undeniably and reliably screwed.

Now it's back to student papers with me.

October 01, 2008 10:25 PM  
Blogger Pete Bogs said...

rev x? piggy? my goodness, it's like 2006 all over again... sup, bros?

I am looking forward to tonight's debate questions... sitting here with beer in hand...

PS: Bogs’ October Surprise: Regular BogsBlog posts throughout the month of October. Come by and check ‘em out!

October 02, 2008 5:57 PM  

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