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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bird’s Top Eleven Things To Love About America (randomly ordered)

1. Rock and roll!

2. An Internet relatively unfettered by censorship - let's keep it that way!

3. DeNali National Park.

4. Liberals and Liberalism!

5. Multiculturalism – in its better sense – i.e., despite failings and flaws and excesses, we work pretty damn hard at bringing a multitude of different cultural backgrounds together – and allow each other to respect and honor our roots – it’s part of being American.

6. San Francisco.

7. California’s beleaguered public higher-education system – needs protecting but in its heyday, we produced more college grads than any other state in the nation and at an affordable cost – we need to bring it back!

8. Baseball.

9. The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America.

10. Westerns.

11. The Bill of Rights - which gives me the right to burn my flag in protest or wave it wide and high - as I see fit! Now ain't that America? Truly the land of the free!


Blogger K9 said...

/bark bark bark

no argument here even though you pooped all over my little celebration (howl)

did you watch "broken trail" last week with robert duvall and thomas hayden church? i thought it was good.

some favorite great westerns:

the cowboys
blazing saddles
hang em high (my favorite revenge movie ever)

July 04, 2006 12:39 PM  
Blogger Pete Bogs said...

America been bery bery good to me... baseball been bery bery good to me... Jane Curtain been BERY BERY good to me...

July 04, 2006 12:50 PM  
Blogger CROAK said...

Congratulations on the pride you hold in your country.
One of my favourite things about America is your ability to produce such wonderful advances in science and technology to help the sick and the those in pain. Your country's doctors are amazing.
I also love how you have produced wonderful writers.
And of course... Jazz, baby!

Gee that was three (3) things. Sorry. I got carried away!

July 04, 2006 6:14 PM  
Blogger Bird said...

oh, no, croak please do get carried away!

bogs - are you mocking my love of baseball? tsk, tsk, tsk :)

K9, i am really sorry about the poop. the line in the piece you posted about how the right is the traditional base for patriotism just sent me ballistic. i know, i know, it was only one line and a minor point actually, but ...

westerns - now there's a whole possible post. i get your list - except for silverado. this baffles me. i am also partial to pale rider (hell, any western with eastwood will do) and unforgiven became an immediate classic in my book. i did watch broken trail and was relieved - it lived up to its hype - it was darn fine.

well, daylight's burning pilgrims - i gotta prep for class...

July 05, 2006 7:32 AM  
Blogger Jack K. said...

I love your list. It is the primary reason I am proud of my career in the military. We swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution agains all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

I just love this country. Where else can you feel free to say what you want to when you want to, except in the military. Then you can't talk politics. And, once the commander makes a decision you must go along with it. However, most commanders give the opportunity for input.

Yeah, I just love this country and most of its inhabitants.

You guys are all at the top of that list of the ones I love.

July 05, 2006 8:08 AM  
Blogger K9 said...

/bark bark bark

boyed, i understand. i posted the piece and i guess that implies i agree verbatim every line. i ditto jack above. and like i said posts ago, i love what we are, all of us, when i think about loving 'merica.

hmmmmm. you hated silverado? at least it had danny glover! i mean, after that all you have in the way of black cowboys is cleavon little in blazing saddles! (and it was 'spossed to be richard pryor in that role - he helped write it but wasnt a big enough star at that point)

i dont like the women in pale rider. so thats why its not on my list, though clint eastwood westerns are great in general. lee van cleef: best bad guy

ha ha daylights burnin!


July 05, 2006 8:56 AM  
Blogger CROAK said...

Um Jack. You can feel free in the great Land Down Under as well, and a few other little places that you don't have to be afraid to get shot on the streets, like, New Zealand.

Feel free. Here. Too.

July 06, 2006 10:54 PM  
Blogger savagefredd said...

I have to side with Croak. Jazz, the only uniquely American art form, is just about the best thing this country has offered the planet. But hell, those across the pond appreciate it far more than most Americans.
Also, what about all the cool, cute fellas, Bird?

July 14, 2006 2:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you fergot CJ
never forget CJ
CJ could be a way of life
but then again.......


November 11, 2006 9:26 PM  

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