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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Big Stream of Birdshit to Blogger

Dear Bloggers!

Trying to solve the mystery of the nonuploadable, postable photos, I just flew over to one of my favorite blogs and ripped off (sampled?) one the blogger's photos. Saved it to my own file. And then posted it to this blog. It's a beautiful photo. I posted some other photos as well today - for your enjoyment.

Do you see any photos?

Probably not, so let me explicate:

Here is a photo of an absolute, pristine, white snow storm:

Here is a photo of the middle inch on a just freshly bleached, white sheet:

Here is a photo of a closeup of a perfectly white egg:

Here is a photo - a zoom in - of the whites of my eye:

There will no picture of the red in my eyes. Nor of the blue I feel.

Bird is on her way to Blogger headquarters - they'd best watch out for a steamin' streamin' ugly green bird shit (of which I will post no pictures).



So, ok, like pretend the background of my blog is white, not this weird, pale sepia color, ok?


Blogger boneman said...

Yeah, and that goes double fer me, too!

Those beggers wouldn't let me even see m'comments the one day last week I had t'post.


Here....I think I know what the problem is....if this isn't too gross.

The blog overlords occassionally press a hold button on their control panel, and it puts the whole thing to a screeching halt.
Meanwhile, they're up there in that room masterbating.
That's why it takes so long, sometimes.....

(told you it was gross, din't I?)

August 31, 2006 4:06 PM  

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