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Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Ten Milestones Indicating You Are No Longer Dating But Are In A Relationship

10. You spend the night at one or another’s place 2-3 times a week.
9. You agree to attend a concert with him that is 5 months away and let him buy the tickets in advance.
8. You begin to show up approximately 10 - 15 minutes late for every engagement.
7. You forget you promised to see the movie Nine with him and see it with your daughter instead. You see it again later with him and forget to pretend that you’ve not already seen it.
6. He has a change of clothes and a hygiene kit at your place. You are not sure where to put them, so you keep moving them about, from the dresser top, to a chair in your bedroom, to a spot on your bedroom bookshelf.
5. You throw his change of clothes in with your laundry without even thinking about it.
4. You clear a shelf in the bathroom closet for his kit and make room in a dresser drawer for his change of clothes (which you have folded neatly after laundering).
3. You sometimes wear your regular pajamas (cute though they may be) instead of your sexy lingerie when he sleeps over.
2. He brings you matzo ball soup when you are sick and instead of just accepting it at the door, thanking him and sending him on his way, you allow him to come in and see you in your over-sized sweats, with your hair pulled back, your eyes and nose red, your body smelly and clammy from fever. You rest your head in his lap and fall asleep snoring with drool oozing out the corner of your mouth and onto his jeans.

And the Number 1 milestone indicating you are no longer dating but are in a relationship:

You spend the night together but don’t have sex.