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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

They Say It's Your Birthday, We're Gonna Have A Good Time

Today is my birthday -January 23. Woohoo!

Family lore has it that my mother kept going to the hospital only to be told she wasn't ready yet (well, I guess really I wasn't ready yet) and sent home.

She returned for the final time - they decided to admit her. And I was damn near born in the elevator on the way up to maternity. My mother told me, "You take a long time to make up your mind, but once you do -look out! You move fast!"

It's taken me a long time to make up my mind, but I have come to some decisons about getting old. When I get old:

I will NOT wear purple.

I will NEVERNEVERNEVERNEVER ever belong to the Red Hat Society.

I will continue to go out, on a rare occasion, mind you, and toilet paper someone’s home or car, no matter how old I am and how immature others say such an activity is.

My last tp-ing adventure was several years ago - and no - that's not it in the picture -that's someone else's work (mine is much more thorough and messier). Clearly though, I need to set the right tone for my new decade and get going with the TP. Bloggers beware!

I WILL stop frowning at these youngsters at the grocery store who address me as “Ma’m.”

I will keep on keeping on!
And blast my stereo!
And order martinis and shots of jack (not together) instead of sipping wine "like a lady"!
And race down the freeway at a reckless speed whenever the coppers aren't about!
And jump in puddles when it rains - no matter who is watching and no matter what I'm wearing!

But I will NOT go swimming in Half Moon Bay at midnight in November ever again no matter how old I get. (Once was quite enough!)

Cake and champagne for all!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Birdsong for the Working SparringK9

(a paltry attempt at glorification and appreciation)
Sing to me O’ Muse!

Of four-foots and steamin’ hot browns,
Nanny-killing stares,
And a dog waggin’ tail, circling round and round.

Sing to me of the witness
Who heard my testifying
Saw my signifying
And recognized the Bird
With thorn impaled.

Sing of the ruff rough
And bark/bark/bark
And growling, snarling, slathering
Who turned out to be
A true blue hound
A rot beyond compare.

A conservative, agrarian, southern dog
Yet traveled, cosmopolitan, learned, and never square
A hep dawg of jivin’ skill
And rhymin’ schemes
Makin’ all manner of bloggin’ scenes.
A code-switching beast

Sing! Sing, o’ bloggers all,
For the dog days of January
Are up on us!
Sing an opus
A concerto, a baroque.
Sing the blues
What have you got to lose?
Sing and go for broke!

Sound it out staccato
Weave it in and out.
Trill it high
Trill it low
Sing it to and fro.
Shake it up
Shake it down.
Don’t leave no corner of the town
Without the sound!

Bird is callin’.
She’s been stallin’.
No time left to delay!

Call and respond
No time for despond
Edify, testify and claim him!Not even a song so poor is shamin’!
He’s the dawg – he’s the one - the demidog!
K9 is the dog for our times!

Flap and Swoosh!
Don’t be no silly goose!
The dog will still be on the loose!

Sing to me O’ Muse!

Of four-foots and steamin’ hot browns
Nanny-killing stares,
And a dog waggin’ tail, circling round and round.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Flying Home

Flap, flap and away for me!

I’m off to stretch my wings on a brief, migratory path. While I’m away, I hope you all will visit


and respond the questions there about “home.”

For myself, I often think of home more as a collection of people than a place. And so, though I am leaving my roost, my home, for a short trip, I am also headed home to a spot northeast of here – to spend time with two dear friends – my friends from Thailand who have been in the States now since December. These friends are family – and family is HOME.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sexual Politics and Family Values – A Bird Rant

I originally wrote what follows as a comment in response to comments on yesterday's post, but determined to post it as a regular blog entry. You all might want to check out yesterday's post on Nancy Pelosi and the comments on family values and sexual politics that post provoked.

Jack - you are welcome to take up any amount of space here any time you like. And AB, even though I abhor your thinking and think you a homophobe, you have similar privileges – within reason. After all, I will brook no insult to those I love. As you know, the gloves come off when my family is attacked. And so, with this rant, I begin to take off the gloves. I prefer civility – so let’s hope I don’t get the gloves off completely and move to fisticuffs.

From this point on, readers beware - the text may become graphic and sexually explicit.

AB: but your truth is not truth.

It is made up of falsifications and isolated facts strung together to create a case, without inclusion of the refuting facts. In short, you're full of bullshit on this topic. We've been down this road before, and frankly, the so-called facts and perspective you take (recently and in past discussions) remind me of the pseudo-science that was employed decades ago to prove that the black man was intellectually inferior and inherently immoral. Again I say, bullshit.

Let’s take a look at this word "sodomy." This word carries a weight of judgment and negative connotations – because of its biblical roots. Objections to sodomy and the case that its immoral, as well as the drive to keep it illegal in some states, and make it illegal in others, are rooted in religious belief - not in facts. Many people who object to homosexuality and claim sodomy is so horrible do so because of their religious beliefs. And they would like to force those beliefs on the rest of us. They would like to force this term, “sodomy” and all its religious baggage, on the rest of us.

Let’s use a different term: anal intercourse.

If you don't want that kind of sex, it shouldn't be forced upon you- and if it is - that's called RAPE – regardless of gender or sexual orientation. But anal intercourse is a sexual preference or predilection nothing more or less.

Whether a person is “wired” biologically to desire anal intercourse or just plain likes it is irrelevant. It is no more inherently immoral or wrong than coitus in the missionary position. And mind you, all forms of sex carry with them inherent medical risks. The risks of sexual activity can be mitigated. And honorable, caring people, regardless of what kind of sexual activity they engage in, take steps to mitigate those risks for each other. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Anal intercourse is not the only way for gay men to have sex (and by the way, male/female couples and female/female couples engage in anal sex as well). Some heterosexual women enjoy anal sex. Some don’t. I would imagine that some homosexual men enjoy it and some don’t. I bet some heterosexual men enjoy it too – - their female lovers may insert a finger into their anus whilst licking their balls or sucking their dicks, and a heterosexual man may like that quite a bit- and some may not. A heterosexual woman may like her male lover’s finger inserted in her anus whilst he is licking her clit. And perhaps dildoes come into play, or fruit. Or ...? Who knows? Who cares?).

Granted – a lot of anal sex can stretch that orifice. Too much coitus can be bad for you too. But I trust people to figure out how far they can take a good thing. Again, all sex comes with risks and honorable, caring people mitigate those risks for their partners.

Ingesting feces? That’s so ridiculous it's laughable. Yeah, there are some couples, both homo and hetero that lick each other's anuses - some people find that to be a turn on. No "dirtier" than cunnilingus and fellatio - if you're a clean person. Besides, what business is it of anyone’s where your tongue goes? Where my tongue goes? Do you want to follow me around in bed and see what I do? Or have me catalogue it here? I bet if I did, quite a few readers would get turned on – and I bet some of those would be folks who claim such sexual activity is unclean, or deviant, or immoral. And quite a few folk would think anything but the man on top with his dick in the woman’s cunt is unacceptable. Gosh, what an impoverished sex life that must be! But if that’s your thing – have at it.

But if you did follow me about, and you did disapprove of my sexual behavior – and you did find it to be deviant and immoral and nasty and distasteful – does that give you the right to prohibit loving, dedicated, committed gay and lesbian couples from uniting in matrimony? I think not. Prohibiting such unions seems so contrary to family values. Prohibiting such unions forces loving couples to live outside the law and in a precarious situation. Prevents loving couples from enjoying the rights and privileges other married couples enjoy –it’s blatant discrimination – and in no way supports family or marriage. It undermines those things. It makes married life and familial life more difficult.

The state grants civil unions to heterosexual couples all the time. I see no reason not to grant such unions to homosexual couples.

About divorce rates – Jack – I recall reading somewhere that the divorce rate is higher than 50%. Not sure though. But with regards to homosexual couples - maybe they would have a higher rate or a lesser, or the same. Who knows. I do know this – I know many same sex couples who have been together for decades. They are loving and committed couples. They are productive members of their communities, caring and strong members of their nuclear and extended families. And I suspect that because they have managed to maintain their union even though they receive less support from the community for their unions, they are stronger, better, more loving and dedicated folks than many of us. Their unions have survived and blossomed despite the odds stacked against them by both overt and covert homophobes, by both overt and covert homophobic governmental policies.

Those couples know the true meaning of FAMILY VALUES. They do indeed, as you say Jack, live well and serve not only each other fully,but the rest of us as well. They provide us with examples and role models of what it means to live your life true to your love, to hold fast to your truth, your love, your family, with dedication and care, despite the roadblocks and challenges bigots and homophobes and a hostile world throws at you.

So once again, I tip my hat to SAN FRANCISCO VALUES.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

For My Daughter and Nancy: We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident

A moment has arrived for which we have waited over 200 years.

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men and WOMEN are created equally.

From the kitchen to the
Congress, to a few heartbeats

And what did Madame Speaker do after addressing the Congress and the Nation? She invited all the children present in Congress to come touch the gavel.

It's a new day. It's a new dawn.
And I'm feeling good.

(Borrowed words and images.)

For K9: Roy Deforest (revised)

Revised Post
Deforest's work reminded me of another artist, Faith Ringgold, who works with acrylics on canvas and fabric pieces - and puts those pieces together as quilts. So I hunted up Ringgold too - but viewing her work again - I see that the similarity between her and Deforest isn't at all as strong as I imagined it in my head. Deforest's work, to me, has an edge or boldness to it, or perhaps quirkiness (?) or vibrancy to it that Ringgold's doesn't- though I like Ringgold's work quite a bit. Here's some of her work (and perhaps some of you with a better art vocabulary can explain why Deforest set me to thinking of Ringgold, and yet, they are very different):
Picasso's Studio

Church Picnic

Double Dutch on the Brooklyn Bridge

The Orignal Post

K9's comment on the previous post set me to googling. I had not heard of Roy Deforest before, but sure am glad I know of him now. I snagged a few Deforests to post. The first one, Dog Cart From Hell and the last one, Birdsong for the Working Dog are my favorites so far - though it's awfully hard to pick a favorite. (K9 - is the one you mentioned here?)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Day Hike at Land's End

Here we are, the third day of the New Year, and I’ve yet to spend a full day at the beach.

I did however go hiking at Land’s End in San Francisco on New Year’s Day. The trail begins above the Cliff House (a long-standing and popular San Francisco bar and restaurant) and winds around the back of the Sea Cliff area (pricey homes – Robin Williams lives there) and the Palace of Fine Arts (one of my favorite museums), through part of the Presidio and then heads down to the Marina district (yuppie-ville, except of course there’s no such thing as a yuppie anymore – I am not sure what replaced the yups –
anyone know?).

Lovely views along the way of the ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, Marin on the other side, and the Bay.

You can hike down to Mile Rock Beach on the ocean side of the trail (must have a mile of rocks, eh?).

Rumor has it that this is a nude beach. I have never seen any nudes in the general vicinity. Except of course for the statue of Rodin’s Thinker at the Palace high above.

I confess: not all the pics posted here are mine – I stole a few from the Internet. You will have to guess which ones are mine and which are stolen.