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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Words Matter!

Wednesday, Octboer 17th the final debate between John McCain and Barack Obama airs at 6PM Pacific Time out here on the West Coast.

If you're playing the debate drinking game, have your booze bottle (tequilla, rum, whiskey, scotch, what-have-you) and shot glasses readily at hand.

Take a shot whenever McCain says

my friends
he doesn't understand/he's naive (or variant thereof)
Bonus Shots: Ayers, Wright

Take a shot whenever Obama says

failed policy
he voted 93% of the time with Bush (or variant thereof - this line requires two shots, one for Bush, and one for the main message of the line)
Bonus Shots: Hagee, Keating Five

Take a shot whenever either candidate says

middle class
working class
tax cuts
Main Street/Wall Street

Remember: in this game, WORDS MATTER.